About Me

Thank you for finding the time to have a look at my website. I am Juliette and I love creating art with my camera.

I come from an arts background; I studied History of Art at university and in the early nineties I worked for Bonhams Auction House followed by the Art Loss Register in London. When I moved up to Northumberland I took a long distance diploma course in Interior Design with KLC School of Design and subsequently worked as an interior designer for many years in both the residential and commercial sectors.

I have always had a point and shoot camera but the turning point came one dark November’s evening back in 2013. I was thinking about the new year and what was on my ‘to do list’. It suddenly occurred to me that I would like to learn more about photography but that it would be fun to try this out with a friend, on a course abroad. The country which I had always longed to visit was Morocco. Thanks to the power of Google, I tapped in ‘photography course in Morocco’, and amazingly one popped up on to my screen with dates for the following April. I have never looked back.

Creating art makes me feel really happy. I am a hugely visual person and obsessed with colour and light. Although I can paint, I don’t always get the desired results whereas I feel that I have more control and fun with my camera. I find excitement and inspiration from the sky, sea and land through the ever changing seasons. I like the concentration that photography requires, it’s immersive and stops me from thinking about other things. I love the fact that the creativity of making images doesn’t stop with the camera; the post-processing which I undertake plays an important role too. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to varying degrees, depending upon the image which I am working. Once my images are printed, I like to explore the use of art materials and embellish my work with metal leaf.

Experimenting with diverse genres of photography and continuing to learn new techniques is key to my creativity. I use Intentional Camera Movement, Multiple Exposures, Macro photography and Lightbox photography. I am influenced by the magnificent works of the Impressionists, their painting style and favoured locations resonate with me.  I also love the intricate floral paintings from the Dutch masters working during the 17th and 18th centuries. I’m an avid exhibition goer and the retrospective of Victoria Crowe’s paintings shown in Edinburgh last autumn was a particular highlight. Her paintings of Venice were spellbinding.

I am always happy to discuss commissions as the images on my website are purely a taster of my work, so please do email me. My art has been exhibited at the following Galleries:

The Dancing Light Gallery, Edinburgh 2019

The Biscuit Factory,  Newcastle upon Tyne 2019

Watts Contemporary Gallery, Guildford 2020 –  ‘In Print Exhibition’

Pure Arts Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings  July 2021 – ‘Drowning in Corruption’

Pure Arts Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings  August  2021- ‘Material Nature’

Pure Arts Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings  October  2021 – ‘Reimagined’

Pure Arts Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings January 2022- April 2022  -‘Serenity’

Pure Arts Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings March 2023-June 2023 – ‘Connected’  and ‘Solo Show’ from 14 May 2023 – 22 June 2023

The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne 2023 Spring 

Thank you again for visiting my website.



My images may not be used by anyone or any organisation of any type for any purpose whatsoever without my express written permission.  If you wish to use any of my images please contact me via this website to negotiate payment and usage terms.