When the snow fell and the temperatures dropped, I knew that these wintery conditions would offer plenty of photographic opportunities.  However what I hadn’t anticipated, were the extraordinary frost patterns which I discovered one morning on our greenhouse windows. They were utterly mesmerising. The sun shone through the glass backlighting these intricate natural designs.  Now was the time to put my macro lens to good use and begin capturing these feathery scrolling patterns.





Patterns in Nature


In our homes we often rely on soft furnishings, wallpapers and flooring to provide patterns and textures.  However as a photographic artist with a keen eye for those tiny details, I have been amazed at what I have found in nature to subsequently turn into art.

Not being remotely scientific I had to read up on these fascinating frost crystals. My searches explained that when frost crystals form on the smooth cold greenhouse glass, that the patterns created are the result of changes in the surface of the glass. So, any tiny scratches or specks of dust can affect the way that the crystals form and interlink. Patterns are randomised and almost infinite in variety. I spotted patterns that resembled fern leaves and other areas which looked just like the scrolls sometimes seen on pressed glass.

A Cool Colour Palette


Digital post-processing is as important to me as actually taking the photos. When working on these white frost patterns back at my computer, I decided to play around and introduce some cool toned colours to see what the effect might be. I hope that you agree that my chosen colour palette has enhanced these natural patterns and has further abstracted them from their origin; my rather dirty greenhouse windows.

I have kept some images as simple ‘frost crystal close-ups’, however I have also created some larger ‘tapestries’.  The latter showcase an array of frost patterns joined together to record this marvellous February memory.  Like so many wonderful sights, the phenomenon was fleeting and by lunchtime there were no frost patterns remaining to be seen.

Glass on Glass – Sage (below)


Glass on Glass – Dusk



‘Glass on Glass’

is the title for my new series and the full range of prints are available to buy on my website.

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Glass on Glass – Amethyst & Rose 




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